Building extensions to a house will increase the value of your house and property and you can expect to get a higher price if you are selling the property. Finding the right people for the job can be tough as this is a competitive field. In this situation, it would be prudent to look for experienced people by getting referrals from friends and neighbours. DA Aus Projects is proud to state that most of our business is from referrals provided by satisfied customers.

Based in Sydney, NSW, DA Aus Projects has been catering to residents of Sydney NSW since June 2005. In our team, we have professionals from varying fields related to construction from designing, engineering, technical and skilled work and management. Our experienced and qualified team of consultants at DA Aus Projects bring with them their vast work experience to the benefit of the clients. This ensures that the clients receive the best attention and the most appropriate advice.

DA Aus Projects is an all-in-one unit, where designing, estimating, project monitoring and implementation are all done by us. So when you make an inquiry about extensions, we will visit your place for a consultation, after which we will design the suggested and agreed extensions and provide you an estimate as well. This will make it easier for you as you need not get another company to give you an estimate for our proposals. As all the work is done by us, it will be easier for you to keep costs low and arrange for financing.

DA Aus Projects uses state of the art modern technology in building extensions to offer our clients a high standard of service and superior quality workmanship. We also have teams of experts performing various skilled tasks and have business contracts with many traders to procure the required materials at competitive rates. DA Aus Projects passes on any benefits we receive by way of rates reduction to our clients. We give you the assurance of offering the best price and quality for the materials, thereby reducing your costs and avoiding unnecessary spending.

DA Aus Projects undertakes all types of extensions to a building or property. They can be lateral extensions, vertical additions or extending underground. We take great care to ensure the projects are completed on time and that the quality of service and the final outcome meets industrial standards. We also ensure that the building standards of the local government and its by-laws  are complied with. At DA Aus Projects, we view our clients as our greatest asset, and we believe that our success depends on making our clients happy.

DA Aus Projects undertakes constructing extensions or additional spaces by extending outwards from the front, back or sideways. If a lateral expansion is not possible, we would propose alternate methods like creating additional space in your basement or we would suggest that the roof be partially or completely removed and replaced with new rooms. In such situations our team of experts will reinforce the existing building structures in order to strengthen the foundation and provide support to bear the weight of a new floor upstairs.

How do I know what is suitable for my house?

Deciding on the right type of extensions can be rather confusing and quite expensive if you didn’t know anything about it. When you have decided to add some extensions to your property, we, at DA Aus Projects would strongly advise you to do some research so that you will have an idea as to what types of extensions you could have for your building. This will help you immensely as you will be able to brainstorm with our consultants and tell us your expectations, and we will be able to advise you on the suitability of the proposal or suggest alternative ideas to you.

What type of extension you need for your house depends on your unique requirements. There are no hard and fast rules to state that everyone must do things a certain way. However, there are local government by-laws that govern how certain matters are implemented. DA Aus Projects is aware that each individual’s or family’s requirement can vary according to  social or professional status, changing family needs, medical needs, financial needs and land constrictions.

Extensions can come in various forms. Depending on your requirement you could have:

  • Wooden platforms and recreation areas for entertaining
  • Build a new kitchen with modern amenities.
  • Build new rooms to accommodate an expanding family
  • Create additional spaces to make a new Office for your business
  • Build a swimming pool or jacuzzi
  • Create additional space for some quiet private moment – for reading, hobbies etc.
  • Make space available for senior citizens to live comfortably.


Whatever the type of extensions required, our consultants at DA Aus Projects, would be happy to listen and give explanations, and if necessary to dispel any doubts or concerns you may have. To get a consultation you can call Danny Coral on 02 9747 6830 on any working day during office hours.


Building Extensions are not something most builders are willing to take up as there are a lot of additional responsibilities that Managers have to shoulder. DA Aus Projects has been in this line of business for over a decade and our consultants know all the requirements like the back of their hands.

We make it our business to be aware of and meet all Local Government regulations related to extensions, and we advise our clients accordingly. Our team at DA Aus Projects comprises of professionals in the fields of construction, engineering, architecture, plumbing, electricity and other skilled and technical fields. So when we take on a project, all our team members are actively involved in every phase of the project to ensure nothing is left to chance and the project is completed on the scheduled date. DA Aus Projects continuously monitors the implementation of the project in order to ensure and guarantee that the Building Extensions meet Industrial norms and standards.

Prior to making any Building Extensions, our consultants will visit your property to advise you on the most suitable form of extensions, and submit an estimate. Once you have approved the estimate and signed the contract, our team takes over pronto. We are proud to state that we use the latest state of the art technology in the field in carrying out our work.

Types of Extensions

Extensions can come in many forms, from simple additions to a building to complex structures which require overhauling an existing building. Whatever the type, once completed, the value of the existing property will increase enormously. The greater the features added the higher the value.

There are essentially three types of extensions:

  • Upward
  • Underground
  • Outwards

The type of extension that can be utilised depends on the area or land available, the requirement for the extension, and the budget allocation.

Upward Extension

DA Aus Projects advises upward extension if there is insufficient land for outward expansion, there is a need to increase light and ventilation or preserve the meagre garden space. Our consultants at DA Aus Projects will design the extensions in such a way so as to provide your requirements while at the same time complying with Local Government strictures.

This type of expansion is ideal for many purposes. For instance, a real estate developer wishes to open a restaurant or swimming pool for its residents or there is a need to increase floor area and add more rooms. Lack of ground area can be an impediment. However, if the apartment complexes had terraces, or provision has been made to add more floors, our consultants at DA Aus Projects, will advise expanding upwards by constructing a restaurant or swimming pool on the Rooftop or Terrace. We would also take necessary steps to provide additional support to existing structures so that the building’s foundation can support the extra weight.

Underground Extensions

Sometimes, the most preferred form of expansion is underground extension where there are properties that have an underground space used for cellars or storage spaces. The cost of constructing the Underground Extension would be less in comparison to other types, however this type has other forms of challenges that have to be met like water proofing, sewerage, heating and lighting.

Underground Extensions for apartment complexes can be in the form of basement parking. The basement could be in 1 or 2 levels and work can be undertaken incrementally to minimize the disturbance to the lives of the residents, while at the same time providing enhanced structural support to the building.

Outward Extension

DA Aus Projects advises this type of extension as the most ideal if you have plenty of open space. If you need to put up an additional building joining with the existing building or you need to extend the existing floor areas of every floor of the building to accommodate additional rooms, balconies or roofs, our architects and engineers are up to the mark.

Whatever type of extension, we at DA Aus Projects pay attention to details like insulation, thermal performance, termite control etc. When a client approaches us to design an extension for their building, we study the existing architecture, the environment, the relevant local government regulations and the new requirements before designing. It is important for us that the new structure does not create an unsightly contrast but goes well with the existing design. Thereafter, the costing of the project is calculated and an estimate given to the client.

If you need further information about this, please do not hesitate to contact us on our hotline or send us an email. Our consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.