Are you planning on opening a new office? Or do you intend re-designing your existing office complex and giving it a complete overhaul and a makeover? DA Aus Projects would recommend that you seriously consider many factors before deciding on a designer.

When you give your project to a company like DA Aus Projects, you are assured of entrusting the face of your business to a company  that understands you. We are an organisation who has been in this line of business designing and installing office fit-outs since June 2005. We have in our team professionals of all fields related to constructions from management, accounting, designing, engineering, electricals, technicians, transporters, and legal advisors.

Office Fit-outs involve understanding, finance, preparations and installations of appliances, furniture and equipment. At DA Aus Projects, it is absolutely vital for us to study the client’s business culture, logo, colour schemes, business ethics, their vision and mission, the types of customers they service and the average number of people visiting the office at a given time. In addition we also consider the geo-location of the office, matching of the the interior and exterior appearances and many related matters.

DA Aus Projects, takes these projects to the highest level of standards in the industry. When designing the interiors and office fitouts for a client’s office, we take into consideration the nature of the company’s business and strive to design an innovative and creative interiors. Our designs are created using automated design software to get the most accurate measurements, alignments and 3D visualization.

DA Aus Projects considers their clients their most valuable resource. To reinforce this and gain the trust of our clientele, we always involve our clients in every phase of the project from the pre-design stage to finally handing over the office after implementation.

There have been a few instances, when construction and fitting out has to be done while the office is open for business. In such situations, DA Aus Projects takes every possible measure to temporarily partition the office to ensure the safety and health of the customers while implementing the project in the covered section.

Office fitouts can vary according to the type of business. It is our view that each client is unique with its own business culture. For instance:

  • An IT company or a company reliant on telecommunications technology would require workstations, on an open floor plan, while some other offices would require cubicles for privacy.
  • Some business would like to provide mini-kitchen / pantry facilities with percolators etc for its employees to make some tea or coffee while some others would prefer to invest in tea or coffee making machines.
  • A bank or telecommunications company catering to numerous customers at any given time would need an open plan with separate workstations or cubicles for each customer care officer and a waiting area with comfortable seating arrangements and a relaxing atmosphere for those waiting for their turn.
  • Whether a client prefers air-conditioning or natural air movements with plenty of ventilation for the entire office for greening of the building.

When deciding on the furniture, it is vital for us to understand the nature of employment of those working at the office. At DA Aus Projects, we recommend that our clients invest in ergonomic furniture for the employees, to motivate and get better performance.

Some of the important services offered as part of our package includes:

  • Demolition
  • Space Planning
  • Partitioning and Ceilings
  • Air-conditioning, plumbing and fire safety
  • Interior Design and Layouts
  • Storage solutions
  • Work stations
  • Seating solutions
  • Office furniture
  • Floor covering
  • Electrical and Data
  • Signage

For consultation regarding our services, please call us on our hotline on 0414 665 788. Our consultants will visit your office for a discussion, to observe and  analyze your office culture and study your requirements, before designing the Office fit-out. They will also be glad to suggest some ideas for your consideration.