When are repairs needed?

Repairs are needed for a variety of reasons. Some of it is pre-emptive maintenance to ensure that a small issue due to age or climate wear and tear does not become a crucial problem later on. Some of it is more urgent and critical to the entire building structure. These repairs can be a planned project or a sudden requirement.

Whether it is storm damage, breakage, cracking, water damage, wear and tear or foundation shifting, DA Aus Projects will take on the challenge and be your expert in advising you of all the options.

Why can repairs be complicated?

Repairs to commercial and residential buildings require a deep knowledge of all aspects of construction. Usually repairs are required in a certain time-frame, and sometimes, they are required urgently. Dealing with an existing structure, and trying to maintain it whilst rectifying an existing problem requires attention to detail & experience. This means that this aspect of building construction is one that requires the most expertise.

Such an important project requires engineering, structural and regulatory knowledge, and DA Aus Projects will be able to manage the entire project.

What do I need to do?

You need an on-site assessment with a professional builder who will look at the damage or potential damage from lack of maintenance. He or she will advise you on the requirements, timeframe and budget as these will be crucial for you as the client to understand. This professional assessment will assist you with insurance claims (if applicable). At DA Aus Projects, we believe in making sure the customer is aware of all the aspects & options available. We will ensure that you are informed along the way so you are not kept in the dark and you are part of the necessary decision-making process.

With years of experience across a range of projects, from large to small, commercial and residential, DA Aus Projects has the expertise to do the job with you, as the customer, at top of mind.