If the clothes of a person tells a lot about his character, then the appearance and the shop fit-outs speak volumes about the business culture and personality. At DA Aus Projects, we take pride in making our clients happy by enshrining the personality of their business and making them stand apart among others in their field.

When DA Aus Projects undertakes a contract, the clients are assured of the best quality and the highest standard of workmanship. Our consultants aim to create and demonstrate the personality of a business with their creative and innovative ideas for shop fit-outs.

We are proud to state DA Aus Projects have teamed up with people who have proven themselves as the best and the most reliable in their chosen fields, from interior decor, carpentry, electricals, to technicians skilled in designing and manufacturing display racks and cabinets. This enables us to manage the shop fit-out project effectively and provide our clients an assurance of a project completed on schedule. Throughout the duration of the project, we keep our clients updated and we maintain a continuous process of consultation and feedback until the project is completed.

Our clients in shop fit-outs range from beauty parlours, bakery shops, hair salons, jewellery shops, medical centers and clinics, book shops, and optical showrooms. When a project is given to us it is important for us to project the business’s image while making the showroom and displays  attractive and inviting for the customer.At DA Aus Projects, we believe in the maxim that a store’s appearance is an advertisement for its business. We take an earnest interest in designing, constructing and procuring appropriate and charming interior decor for our clients who trust our judgement.

The shop fit-outs and fixtures required for each client can vary according to their business. For instance, beauty parlours and hair salons need appropriate furniture in the salon area and comfortable seating provided to keep others relaxed and comfortable while they wait for their turn. DA Aus Projects consultants would encourage our clients to convert the waiting area to provide the feeling of being at home along with comfortable and cosy furniture while piping soothing music.  We believe, customer satisfaction is half the battle won.

To check out our portfolio and have a consultation, please call 0414 665 788 or 02 9747 4610 on any weekday during working hours.